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No easy options outside the EU

by Mike Ward on 15 August, 2013

As a strong believer in Europe-wide co-operation and that the EU, whilst certainly not perfect, is the only realistic way of achieving it, I felt the need to correct some mistaken ideas presented in recent letters to the Dorking Advertiser. Here is an extract from that letter.

However, the more serious point emerging from their letters is the suggestion that the UK can leave the EU and still have all the economic benefits that membership bestows. That would require an agreement that leaves us still members of the single market. But in order to achieve that we would have to continue to comply with all the rules of the market. It is inconceivable that the other 27 countries would allow us to have the same terms of trade if we don’t follow the same rules as them. Why should they?

And that isn’t the whole story. The single market evolves continuously to meet the demands of changing market-places. We would have to follow all the new rules without having any say in drafting them. Like Norway, we would be governed by fax from Brussels. Is that the future that UKIP would fashion for us? If so, it’s time they started telling people.

Mole Valley recently had a visit from Catherine Bearder, one of the South East’s 2 Liberal Democrat MEP’s. She was keen to stress the importance of the EU for jobs here in Surrey. You can read about her visit  and find out more about the link between the EU and jobs.

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