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Farming sunshine in Beare Green?

by Mike Ward on 8 January, 2014

TGC Renewables, a renewable energy firm, is showing interest in developing a solar farm on land at Crackerbarrel Farm in Beare Green. The plan is to build banks of solar panels, known as a ‘solar array’ on farmland either side of the Capel Bypass (A24), just south of Beare Green Roundabout. The panels would face south to catch maximum sunlight.

The total site area would be  about 19 hectares of land and would produce 8.88 megawatts;  enough to power about 2,200 houses in the local area. An informal ‘drop in’ display is to be held at Beare Green Village Hall on Thursday 9th January between 3pm and 7 pm to gather the views of local residents,  before a formal planning application is put to Mole Valley Council.

If you would like to get further information, you can contact Tim Mourant of TGC Renewables here.


2 Responses

  1. Julian Shersby says:

    At last I learned something useful from a Lib Dem propaganda sheet. Do you know where i can find any more details on this scheme. For instance has a planning application yet been submitted?

    • Mike Ward says:

      A planning application has not only been submitted but also refused and is now subject to appeal. I’m afraid the deadline for making comments on the appeal has also passed.

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