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Capel Survey Results

Road issues are the key concerns

Speeding, parking and the state of repair of the roads emerged as the 3  main issues, making highways matters the dominant concern in the village. Other significant issues included concerns about public transport, especially lack of an evening service, provision for youth and children and various local environment problems.


Speeding is clearly a significant concern with over a third of people identifying it as an issue and this proportion rises to about half  when only people living on through roads are included. Of the people who were concerned about it, over half thought it serious enough to warrant additional measures to address the problem.  The main ideas suggested were humps, more electronic signs, cameras, narrowing the carriageway to allow traffic in one direction at a time,  more police patrols and a 20 mph limit. However, the level of concern is lower than in other villages we have surveyed (see Archived Surveys for more info) and it’s not clear why.


55% of people were unhappy with the state of the local roads and pavements and many specific examples were given, including Vicarage Lane, Trig Street and Newdigate Road. Around a third were concerned about the state of verges, ditches or hedges with ditches in Vicarage Lane and the hedge at the junction of  Coles Lane with the Street being of particular concern,


There was a high level of satisfaction with the Council’s recycling service with almost half  saying that it isn’t necessary to do more. This might have been even higher if people had known about the Council’s decision to increase the range of materials that they will collect when they completed their form. Those who did want to see more done provided  many suggestions  of extra things that could be collected including plastics, drinks containers, foil, clothing, plastic bags, wood, furniture, white goods and electrical items. Encouraging business to do more recycling was also popular. Three-quarters of people answered this question  and almost everyone was in favour.

Youth Facilities

The current level of youth provision was  reasonably well rated with an average score of 2.9 based on a scale of 1 to 5 (high). There were a number of suggestions for improvements with the main ones being a better play area in the park and greater use of the Youth Centre.

School Transport

Perhaps surprisingly, only a third of people responding thought cars taking children to school were  causing a congestion problem. This is lower than for some other villages. Nevertheless, there was strong support for more options for children to be able to use buses to get to school with six out of every seven backing the idea. The suggestion that schools should get incentives from the County Council to arrange additional transport was also popular with 80%  in favour.