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Hookwood survey results


The main issue to emerge from the survey was airport-related parking. Almost a third of respondents mentioned this spontaneously whilst answering the question about Parking Charges in Povey Cross Road. It is clear that the proposal for charges for parking in Povey Cross has substantial support, 71%, with 29% opposed. However,  this needs to be interpreted with care as some of those supporting the proposal were only in favour if (free) permits were provided for residents. Some replies mentioned concerns about parking being displaced into residential roads, especially Forge Place, and some suggested extending double yellow lines at the entrance to Forge Place.

There was a clear majority, 59% to 41%,  against on-street parking charges in Horley.


75% of the people who replied said they were bus users and 72% of those were happy with service. However, several people suggested improvements, almost all related to improving the 20 service and getting it routed via Povey Cross Road


Relatively few of the people who replied had children at school and of those who did, most were fairly satisfied with the school. There was more dissatisfaction with the method of allocation of places but a quite a spread of preferences for the possible methods of doing so. However, giving priority to brothers or sisters of children already attending a school received by far the most support.


Everyone who responded said they recycle and almost everyone backed the idea of getting businesses to recycle more. In addition there was a wide range of suggestions about what additional items could be recycled.


Quite a number of people were concerned about speeding and the most frequently raised solutions were reducing the speed limit to 30 mph and speed humps.