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Betchworth Survey

Speeding is the main issue

Speeding emerges as the main issue with over half the responses saying it is a problem and a fifth naming it as the top priority for action.

Furthermore almost all of the people who considered it a problem thought it serious enough to warrant additional measures.  The main ideas suggested were more police enforcement, cameras, humps,  physical traffic calming and lower speed limits, especially on Pebble Hill.


Highways issues were also considered a priority for action with one in six making it the most important and nearly two-thirds of people were unhappy with some aspect of the state of the local roads and pavements and  specific examples were given, including The Street, Pebble Hill and Station Road. Around a quarter were concerned about the state of verges, ditches or hedges.


Only one in seven people had had reason to contact the Police but those who did so were generally satisfied with the response, some very much so, but also a couple of bad experiences. The average rating was 3.0 on scale of 1 to 5 (high).

Youth Facilities

People are clearly worried about the current level of youth provision as it  was  rated poorly with an average score of 2.4 based on a scale of 1 to 5 (high). However there were relatively few suggestions for improvements with the main ones being a playground, youth club and a better evening bus service to allow young people to reach a wider range of events and activities.

School Transport

Perhaps surprisingly, only 48% of people responding thought cars taking children to school were  causing a congestion problem. This is somewhat lower than for other villages. Nevertheless, there was strong support for more options for children to be able to use buses to get to school with 82% backing the idea. The suggestion that schools should get incentives from the County Council to arrange additional transport was also popular with 79% of those who expressed a view in favour.